My journey as Alaina, the actor, began with a BA in Acting from East 15 in 2013, filled with enthusiasm and preparedness for the industry, only to experience the harsh realities of landing opportunities to perform. Despite possessing all the essentials - a showreel, headshots, spotlight membership - my career was stuck in TIE tours. The stagnancy led to a reflective pause, a pursuit of a Master's degree in Shakespeare & Creativity in Stratford-Upon-Avon, where I examined my shortcomings: unexpressive headshots, a subpar showreel, and a blurred professional relationship with my agent. This realisation shed light on a universal predicament - the collective mindset of persistence despite repeated failures, a struggle faced by hundreds of actors like me.

Actors Business Network Mission


With a vision to change the status quo, I embarked on a transformative mission in 2019 to aid actors in acquiring the insights that took me six years to amass, thus birthing the Actors Business Network. Our venture began with a widely successful podcast that hosted luminaries from the industry, quickly securing a place among the top 10 iTunes performing arts podcasts, reaching thousands of listeners each week.

Now, we have taken another significant leap forward. As of September 2023, we have proudly launched our comprehensive membership program. This platform is designed to offer tailored business masterclasses to actors at every stage of their career, aiming to bridge the formidable gap between drama school and the industry. Our commitment to equipping actors with essential business skills and knowledge is more solidified than ever.

By joining our network, actors worldwide gain access to invaluable resources and an empowering community. We invite all industry professionals to join us in this mission, contributing their expertise to enrich the experience for our members. Together, let's redefine the acting industry for the better.